American Tour: Fighting Fake News!

The fake news media won't know what hit them!

Most of us know what it’s like to be hit with social media bans.

Many people also know how it feels to be on the receiving end of fake news.

Too often the mainstream media get away with these crimes. They misrepresent stories and individuals, they ruin careers and feed an ugly, divisive narrative.

But this doesn’t just affect people targeted by the media – it affect every day citizens – people like you and me – who are being fed lies.

These journalists, writers and personalities go unchallenged. Their actions have zero repercussions.

Not anymore.

My friend, Avi Yemini, recently took on the fake news, exposing the dishonest practices of Comedy Central and Jim Jefferies.

The result? He was banned from Facebook and is yet to receive any apology, or even an acknowledgement, from Jim or his producers.

This unbelievable footage was not only ignored by the mainstream media, but it is being treated like it never happened.

The worst part is that this experience is not uncommon. It is shared by many people who dared stand against left-wing narratives – who then find themselves reprehensibly lied about and their words distorted by dishonest editing. Myself included.

I wasn’t as smart as Avi. I didn’t film my interview. Subsequently, I had my words cut up dishonesty for all of Australia to see. Worse – my hack interview made it appear as though I support rape.

But luckily, we’re not giving up!

We’ve been invited to appear on several American news shows, such as The Rubin Report and Louder with Crowder, and others who want to help hold Jim Jefferies, Comedy Central and the lying media to account. This is not just about me, however – it’s about the hundreds of thousands of people who are lied to on a daily basis and all the individuals who cannot face the lying media themselves.

As a result, I’m excited to announce this tour!

But we need your help to cover the expenses

We will be there to participate on the shows that will have us, we will go to Comedy Central and even try to catch up with Jim Jefferies and have a chat to him about his dishonesty.

We need your help to cover the international flights from Australia and internal flights in the states.

We’ll also need basic accommodation.

None of this would be possible without your generous donations. Every dollar helps. Click the button below to help us fight the dishonest media.

And, as always, let’s take the media head on and make them accountable.

  1. Love your stuff! I really like having a woman speak about how women are not all being constantly put down and made into second class citizens by us rapists, world controlling, white males! I know when we and my other gun toting boys get together we all talk about how we can dominate every part of life and keep others from being involved with what we do. Keep up the good work! Oh and

  2. You’re asking for trouble, but it’s looking like the time has come to remedy the fat and vegan epoch.
    This whole thing about diet by death started waaaay back and I hope you and all the others who have learned to read and stand up for what they’ve learned.
    Surely, you’ve heard plenty about KETO, Paleo and Carnivore nutritional “discoveries.”
    This video will provide how all this BS began back a hundred years ago. It helps to understand the history when vegans and PC fat enablers attack.
    This is serious information, but enjoy it anyway. Thanx, keep goin’!

  3. Dear Sydney

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see my multiple emails to you .

    Wish you the best

    H. Allawi

  4. I’d really like to see a conversation between you and Candace Owens while you’re in the States. You two ROCK!

  5. Sydney, where are you going in the US? I know it’s unlikely but if you were coming to New England you are more than welcome to stay with us. Hope everything goes great, best of luck to you!

  6. The other say my wife said, “And I bet you haven’t been paying attention for the last 5 minutes.” And I thought, “That’s a strange way to start a conversation.”

  7. Hi Sydney,

    If you are ever in the San Francisco Area, and need lodging I beautiful home over looking the Sacramento River just outside the city which is available to you and your staff. It’s fully furnished and sits vacant a lot since I travel out of state for work. Let me know and i can send you more info

    Be safe in your travels


    A Boricua man of color, an independent thinker, “The White Rose Movement”

  8. Sydney, your comments were RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I do not care about what people say. T=You are correct!!! Please know that you speak for many of us out here who strive to be better than what society “expects” of us.

  9. Sydney,
    I have several gorgeous cabins that you and your crew could stay in before/after a Stop in the Southern (ok Southeastern, technically, but this is the REAL South) State of Georgia. I’m only 90 quick miles from Atlanta, and would be happy to give you rides, if needed. Thanks, Syd! Hoping I can hear you!
    Laura K. Payne

  10. I love your show ,I just stared watching your show a few weeks ago and love the facts how you stand up for men on you show. How you love our country good bless you and Trump2020