My Issue With The Transgender Movement

Hear me out on this one

The transgender movement.

It’s polarizing, it’s jarring.

In fact, you will probably be banned on social media if you dare to discuss it!

But is it possible that we’ve taken things a little too far?

Is it possible that, in pushing for acceptance of transgender individuals, we are actually erasing what it means to be a biological man and woman?

As the medical and scientific communities seek to change definitions and terms to accommodate “gender identity”, it seems like we are making strides towards hurting those who identify with their birth sex.

I feel we’ve reached a point where there is no respect for biological men and women. And yet, we are shamed if we don’t accept and validate those in the trans community.

So, what do you think?

  1. Thankyou Sydney for voicing what we all want to say but do not have the platforms.
    You and Avi and only a few more young Aussies are doingg us proud

  2. I think in their efforts to normalise the abnormal, they are trying to make the abnormal the desirable option and make the normal, shameful and wrong. I think if we neuter a couple of generations, the problem will go away because they are not reproducing. It is still a case of the survival of the fittest.

  3. Very interesting. What makes it more interesting is that you can survive saying it and I cannot. That is perhaps the greatest danger of all this lack of genderosity.
    Keep up the fight for reason.

  4. Sydney I have found a time machine, when you get to the eighties I will meet you there (will be about the same age as you) and we could have a great time without all this bullshit that is happening now thanks for your Videos I really enjoy a smart women with common sense cheers .