WATCH: New Australian gender laws are INSANE

We've gone too far! Turn around!

Well, it’s happening – Australia has tipped over the edge!

You might have heard about some proposed changes to Tasmania’s Marriage Act. You might have also heard they’re insane.

Well, you’d be correct.

The Tasmanian Greens and Labor parties have attempted to introduce laws that make it easier for adults to change their sex on their birth certificate.

But, do you want to know the best part?

These laws will also make it optional to record a baby’s sex on its birth certificate.


Other proposals include making it hate-speech to not use someone’s preferred pronouns and making it illegal to offend or insult someone on the basis of their gender expression.

The bill will now go to the Upper House, where it will be decided whether these changes will become law.

There are a lot of holes in this idea. And, frankly, there are a lot of ramifications to laws like this.

Watch to see the insanity!

  1. Was having dinner with the family the other night and a man was talking on the tv. Wasn’t really listening to what he was saying but after about 30 seconds I looked over. Turns out it wasn’t a “man” ?.
    It’s weird how the state government can bring in legislation that forces me to deny the reality of my eyes and ears. That’s literal insanity. What are they going to do, force medication down my throat? I’ll be in a straitjacket soon enough rocking back and forth doped up whispering, “it was a man, it was a man, I know it was”. Begs you to ask the question, who’s the insane one.

  2. sounds like you have some law makers down under who share ideas with what I refer to as a californa libtard.
    like it or not if you aare born with a penis your a man a virgina your a woman and if someone thinks other wise they are dilusinal and I hope they get help. as for making the 99.5% of us who are normal change to make those who need help feel better is bullshit. and why I look at so many of the younger people in the u.s.a and think to my self we are seriously fuc&ed in another 10-220 year as people with common sense get old but im starting to think that the world in genera is screwed because it seams to be a world wide problem.
    by the way please keep up the great work I like your show and love your voice

  3. Old perverts can now say that they are women even if they dont dress like women and they can use the ladies / girls toilets and if someone says hey you cant do that, it would seem its hate speech, because on that day at that time their pronoun is she or her? MADNESS I SAY!!!

  4. I was right with you and your views up until this. Starting a fire when there aint even kindling? C’mon, this piece is nothing but froth for the uninitiated. Stick to your strengths, awareness of inequality. Not these “as yet to be seen if it gets up” opinions pieces. makes you about as useful as “A current Affair”.

  5. Ms, Sydney. I’m from the U. S. I’m a Christian conservative. The only way for the devil, and yes that two horned satan, for him to destroy all family values in any way he can . The family is the foundation of all morals, you take that away and he has in high numbers, this is what we get. I hate it just as much as you or more. Watching it happen and trying to stop it , it’s ridiculous. A person with our values automatically go unhinged on the subject because it’s wrong and I personally worry about my grand kids and the world of course. I’m not educated like you but I know right from wrong. I know I don’t make much sense but , the Lord Jesus Christ told Peter to stand behind him because prophecy has to be fulfilled. Again that has to happen for His return again. He knows people as me and you are not going to set back and just let them rule, but it does have to pass for his return. I’m talking all this crap we’re watching and battling, that He is still in control and will walk us through it. Be patient and yes it sucks trying to do so, the left keeps kicking me off Twitter for my comments but never stand down. God bless you all day and your people, I don’t make much sense and sorry to hinder you.

  6. If it goes to upper house and through legislation becomes law,then that can be overturned, law change through the courts as is to what’s right, as apposed to merely a legislation. If Australian people don’t except something, then stand and do something about it,oppose the change’s.

  7. All I have to say is that for all the videos and speeches, you would have to be the smartest and most intelligent woman in history not to mention extremely cute. Keep up the fantastic work, I support you.

  8. Well, I’m sure the USA is not far behind, unfortunately. Government should back off before there is Revolution by the sane against the insane…🤐. Canada, a country I used to think had their “shit” together has demonstrated they’re even crazier than we are…so far. They have “pronoun” laws, apparently. And you can get in alot of trouble if you violate these laws. The crazies are ruling the world. As for parents telling a child he/she is the opposite of what he/she looks like such as telling a little boy he is a girl and because Mommy said so (to a 3 yr old) and you can see that the child is going along because Mommy/Daddy said so and if you can’t trust them…well who can you trust???… it’s just sad that so-called adults can screw up their own kids to this level. God help us all.

  9. Hahaha, taxpayers got screwed out of their tax money to put attention to this bill for a minority. I always think there are bigger issues that are not getting the attention it deserves to put this on the floor. Maybe the big issues are too hard to fix. Hmmm. I think they should make it mandatory to call everyone by the term it, then at least all of us can be like Pennywise the clown.

  10. The solution: Your birth certificate states whether you are XY or XX. No problem. No controversy and we can move on to real issues like climate change and environmental degradation.
    What the f*** are these people smoking !!!
    Keep up the good work Sydney.