WATCH: The Australian military is not holding back with virtue-signalling

Prepare for the cringe...

The Australian military has come under fire more than once for its conduct.

Yep – from its ban on male recruits, to paying for breast enhancements and surgeries for transgender and female soldiers.

But in the last number of days, the ADF has put another nail in its coffin.

The Australian War Memorial released a promotional video titled “On the Left” just before Remembrance Day.

Veterans and serving soldiers slammed the song as embarrassing and humiliating – and just as many female soldiers expressed this same sentiment.

The song was designed to reinforce the idea that women too serve in the armed forces. So, if you see them wearing medals, it is because they earned them, rather than the assumption that they’re wearing them in honour of a family member.


As expected, people have not reacted well. But, in truth, isn’t this sort of the way that the ADF operates now?

The song, which likely had the best of intentions, did an excellent job at alienating women in the military. But, understandably, it also has upset the men they serve beside.

You’re going to want to see this!


  1. Sydney you are so on the money with your comments about the ADF. I spent 21 years serving this great country in the Army. I actually made a comment only today saying, that I am glad I am not in this modern today’s army. It’s gone from regimented to too far PC. I know of two ladies that the army paid for breast reductions in the late 80’s because their breasts were hampering their ability to run. In one unit it made a detachment up of only females. They could not lift a generator out of a trailor, so operated it from within the trailor. If men did that they would of been in so much trouble. The people who put the detachment together may have been making a point, but the women get the same pay as men, so they should be able to do the same jobs. We were required to carry between 50 and 70 kgs on our back and still move cross country.
    It’s certainly not a job for the faint hearted. As for Vet Affairs, see how hard it is to claim injuries caused by your service. Just imagine how many bad knees and backs there are from all the training, yet they just say it wasn’t caused by your service. I won’t even touch on mental illness issues.

    Keep up the great work. It was the first time I had seen your segments and enjoyed it very much.

  2. Totally agree with what you said, the ADF is more interested
    In pandaing to diversity, gender equality – which is like tying one hand behind your back in a boxing match. Fuck the shit off

  3. Great video, Sydney. As usual, the moronic decision-makers eff it up again. Using women only to honour women only…yup, such is equality and diversity in the ADF.

  4. Great video, Sydney! Proving once again that the imbeciles at the top couldn’t make a decent decision if their lives depended on it. Women only honouring only women. Such is equality and diversity in the ADF.